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Degrees and Certifications:

BS Elementary Ed: University of Wisconsin - Superior MAED Curriculum and Instruction: St. Catherine University

Mrs. Mary Simmons - Room 1101

Room 1101 is one of four second grade classrooms at Horace Mann School.  Children in second grade during the 2022-2023 school year will be with Jennifer Vincent (2/3 combination class), Mariana Tennyson (1/2 combination class, Kim Hwang or me, Mary Simmons.  When speaking to me directly, please feel free to call me by my first name (even though the children will refer to me as Mrs. Simmons.) 

       2022-2023 will be my 27th year with SPPS and my 18th year with Horace Mann School.  I live in Eagan with my husband, Kirk, and our Humane Society rescue dog - a mixed breed named Pepper.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats

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  • 2nd Graders

Scholastic Book Clubs

Daily and Enrichment Class Schedules

  •                 Room 1101 Daily Schedule

                    2nd Grade, Mrs. Simmons

      7:15                 Students Arrive

      7:30                 Breakfast 

      7:45                 Morning Meeting   

      8:15                 Math  

                              (Gym on Mondays, 7:55)

                              (Music on Tuesdays, 8:10)

      9:15                 Phonics/Skills Block

      9:50                 Writer's Workshop

    10:25                 Specialists


    11:15                 Prepare for lunch

    11:25                 Lunch

    12:00                 Reading

                              (Gym on Thursdays, 12:10)

      1:10                 Recess

      1:40                 Return to Classroom;

                              (Prepare for Dismissals)

      1:55                 Dismissals


    Enrichment Schedule

    Week of 03/20 - 03/23


    Week of 03/27 - 03/31


    Week of 04/03 - 04/07


    Week of 04/10 - 04/14




  • Here are some of the things we work on in Second Grade!


    Learn and use new vocabulary

    Speak clearly, share ideas, listen and respond appropriately to what is read

    Read with increased fluency

    Use reading strategies such as rereading, making predictions, retelling, etc.

    Use word chunks to decode unknown words

    Ask and answer questions about what is read

    Understand what is read; make connections to text

    Decode unfamiliar words, examine word patterns

    Read a variety of text genres and for different purposes

    Increase reading stamina

    Use reading to research topics

    Explore the digital reading resources offered by SPPS

    Read every day!


    Plan, draft and make changes to improve writing

    Create different types of writing including personal narratives, procedures, reports and poetry

    Use author's craft to engage the reader

    Use standard grammar, punctuation and spacing

    Spell sight words correctly and other words with increased accuracy

    Write responses to literature

    Check that writing has a beginning, a middle and an end

    Read and share with others what has been written

    Write every day!


    Use many ways to solve problems and explain thinking

    Rename, compare and order numbers

    Understand and use addition and subtraction

    Understand place value

    Name and understand fractions

    Understand and use rounding and estimation

    Describe, complete and create number patterns and other patterns

    Record and interpret data

    Predict and describe probability

    Identify, describe and compare 2D and 3D shapes

    Develop concepts of time and money

    Estimate and measure using tools for standard and non-standard units

    Use math every day!

  • Contact Information

    You may call the school at 651-293-8965 to leave me a voice mail or e-mail me at if you ever have any questions.  If you are a parent of a Horace Mann student (or students), thanks in advance for all of your support.  Working together, we can make this a great school year for your child!    - Mary Simmons