Our School Profile

  • Our school feels like a small learning community, yet with all the opportunities available in a large urban school. Partnerships with local universities, community organizations and parents enable us to offer many rich experiences, including artist residencies and field trips. Groveland’s resourceful parent group raises funds each year to enrich each classroom in the form of many fine arts projects. Each fall, our fifth grade classes travel to the Boundary Waters for four days. Specialists in music, art, and physical education enrich our curriculum, and two science specialists ensure students in all grades have 100 minutes of science each week. Groveland is part of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra CONNECT Program which features musicians coming into the school to play for students and an off site concert each year for grades 1-5. 

    Groveland is best known for its high student achievement, quality teaching, strong sense of community, and commitment to all learners.

    "We are delighted with the care and personal attention our child has received at Groveland. His teacher is finely attuned to her students' progress, both in academics and in terms of social learning, and everyone from the front desk clerk to the gym teacher knows him by name. I have not yet met a teacher or staff member who is less than friendly and dedicated. It has been very easy to get involved as a parent volunteer, and doing so
    has given me an opportunity to observe that the school's wholesome environment is present from the youngest grades all the way through the oldest."

    -- Lisa Randall, Groveland parent



School Tours

  • Please call Groveland at (651)293-8760 to schedule a tour.