Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. University Of MN : Anthropology (Archaeology) and American Indian Studies Social Studies Licensure: Metro State University.

Karen Lacher

Hello Humboldt Students and Families!!!


My name is Karen Lacher (Locker) . Students can call me Karen, Ms. Karen, Ms. Lacher or any variation of my name that they are comfortable with.

I am a graduate of St. Paul Public Schools and have found a home at Humboldt. This is my 8th year as a Social Studies teacher here at Humboldt.

Courses that I am teaching this year are: 11th grade Advanced Placement US History (APUSH),  6th grade Minnesota Studies, and  11th grade US History Survey.

In my spare time I take care of my 26 chickens, 3 Ducks, and my Goose Albert, ride our motorcycle with my husband, and read lots of great books! My favorite books are: the Percy Jackson series (youth fiction), the Outlander Series (adult fiction), and a new series by Hmong author Lori M. Lee that includes the books: Broken Web and Forest of Souls.


My schedule this year is:


1A Minnesota   Studies

11th Grade Advisory

1st Lunch

2A Prep (no students)

3A Minnesota Studies



B Days

1B PLC (no students)

11th Grade Advisory

1st Lunch

2B US History


4B Minnesota Studies