Wellness Care: Health Start School-Based Clinics

Humboldt Health Start Clinic

  • Most school-based Health Start Clinics are currently closed. Please visit the clinics at Gordon Parks and Harding High School for your physical and mental health needs. Telehealth services are also available: spps.org/Page/38688

    The Humboldt Health Start Clinic opened its doors in October 1981. Health Start School-Based Clinics are wellness centers located in nine St. Paul High Schools. Our Health Start Clinic at Humboldt provides the following wellness services for all Humboldt and OWL students:

    • Medical Care
      • Wellness visits and sports physicals
      • Help with ongoing things like asthma
      • An easy place to get immunizations
      • Support with new health concerns
    • Nutrition Counseling
      • Weight management
      • Sports nutrition or fitness planning
      • Prenatal support and nutrition
      • Food access problems
    • Health Education
      • Answers to personal questions
      • Help wit future-focused decision-making
      • Skills for better sleep, stress management, and relaxation
      • Plans for quitting smoking, drugs, alcohol or other addictions
    • Mental Health Counseling
      • Mental Health Assessment
      • Depression and suicide prevention
      • Trauma recovery
      • Someone to talk to about worries

    We serve all students regardless of family income, insurance or ability to pay. We strive to help students meet their academic potential and leave school ready to flourish. Our school-based clinic has been proven to minimize absence, support achievement and teach youth how to care for their health.  We are equipped with professional staff that strives to provide young people equitable access to wellness all while providing confidential care.

    The clinic serves as a place for students to learn how take responsibility of their own care. Students are able to make their own appointments, ask questions and discuss concerns knowing that their privacy will be respected.


    The Health Start Clinic is located next to the School Nurse’s Office.

    Phone: 651-312-1996

    Hours: 8:30 – 3:00, Monday – Friday

    Website: westsidechs.org/locations-health-start-school-based-clinics/


    Faith Adeola, Health Educatorfadeola@westsidechs.org

    Neri Diaz, Social Workerndiaz@westsidechs.org 

    Shira Feldman, Nutrionistsfeldman@westsidechs.org 

    Kim Figueroa, Physician Assistantkfigueroa@westsidechs.org

    Ana Riera, Medical Assistantariera@westsidechs.org

    Trude Schwendig, Social Workertschwendig@westsidechs.org