Allan Olvera

  • This picture of me is also posted outside my door.

    Welcome to my web page!  My name is Allan Olvera and this is my 10th(!) year at Johnson High School.

    This 2018-2019, I teach Intro to Journalism, and English 12 (World Literature).

    In the past, I've taught: English 9, Reading 10, English 12 (World Literature), Writing for College,  Debate, Grammar Matters, Intro to Journalism, World Lit./GRAD, Fundamentals of English, Advanced Reading Instruction, College and Career Reading, GRAD Writing, and GRAD Reading.

    As for who I am - aside from being an English teacher, an avid reader, and even a bookstore worker for over thirteen years - I also enjoy:

    • rock climbing           • long-distance running          • Writing

    • logic puzzles            • crosswords                        • origami

    • reading news           • graphic design                    • art (in general)

    • soccer                     • history                               • movie trivia

    • philosophy               • learning langauges              • pop culture


    Also, I am currently an advisor for the school's newspaper, The Johnson Courier.

    Here's a link: The Courier