About Us

  • We are the student leaders of Johnson Senior High School.  Any junior or senior interested in learning or trying leadership is invited to join in the spring.  Our fabulous leaders run 15 minute daily advisories using student-created activities.  

    Our Goals:

    • To make sure that students are fully involved in making more good things happen and fewer bad things happen at Johnson High School every day.
    • To ensure that juniors and seniors have multiple opportunities and support to practice leadership in all aspects of the school.
    • To build a stronger Johnson community that more fully and quickly integrates our underclass students into the positive school culture and opportunities of Johnson High School.
    • To increase the academic success and social integration of all JHS students.

    What We Do:

    • Oversee & Run Daily Advisories
    • Homecoming Spirit Week & Dance
    • Winter Carnival for Farnsworth 2nd Grade Students
    • Monthly Leadership Team Meeetings
    • Leadership Award Ceremony & Field Day 

    Our Fundamental Beliefs:

    • What hurts my brother or sister hurts me.
      • We believe in repairing harm using restorative justice processes.
      • We welcome, celebrate, and strive to understand the rich variety of gifts brought to our community by people with diverse cultural and racial backgrounds.
      • We must be a safe space - physically and psychologically.
      • Academic problems are seldom purely academic; we work to address institutionalized marginalization to create a more equitable space for students. 
    • Nothing works unless I work.
      • We define success in terms of effort, grit, cooperation, positive school climate, and willingness to try again as much as results on standardized tests.
        • We have high expectations for academics and behavior.
        • When we raise expectations, we must also offer the means to meet the new expectations.
    • School is not a spectator sport.
      • Our school is like a ship composed entirely of working crew; there are no entitled passengers just along for the ride.
      • Our school’s culture and climate does not simply happen but is carefully designed and cultivated to accomplish our educational mission.
    • Adults should not do for students what students can do for themselves.
      • Adults must be willing to share power with students so they can learn a greater sense of independence.
      • Juniors and seniors take responsibility for being positive role models and mentors for younger students.
      • Students need as many opportunities as possible to build a positive, confident self-image and practice leadership skills.

Our Pillars

    • Community - Togetherness is one of the core areas of priority to our leaders.  Other areas of focus are strengthened by a strong sense of community.
    • Academics - Instead of tracking points for letter grades and missing assignments, focus on advisory activities that allow for discussions around academic issues and sharing resources for success.  Infuse restorative practices to help students reflect, advocate for themselves, and move forward on their academic journeys.
    • Identity - Provide thoughtful activities around issues of equity that matter to our students.  This pillar will also provide opportunities for students to reflect on their own character growth and development.
    • Creativity - Provide specific opportunities for students to flex their creative muscles through art, invention, and imagination.

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