Ceramics Club!

  • Join your peers to create sculpture/sculpting and improve your wheel skills.

    • Ceramics Club is for students that want to explore new ways of working with clay not taught in Ceramics class; or students may have an extended time to work on a class assignment.  

     Who: Participants can be either current or former students in Ceramics - it's expected that club members have some formal clay experience. (You need to know how to use equipment and how to correctly clean up after yourself!)

    • When: We meet Wednesdays from 3:15 to 5:00 (and sometimes later)

    • Where: Ceramics Club meets in the room 2018 the Ceramics room located in the north segment of the basement next to Drawing and Painting room (Ceramics studio is an art room).

    • Cost: There is no fee for students that come to work on projects. However, there is a fee of $2 to $5 (depends on how big) when a student chooses to "fire" or glaze their work.

    Advisor: Ms. Marni