Welcome Governors!

  • We are very pleased that you have chosen Johnson as your high school for the next four years! We are proud of our century of excellence and we warmly welcome you to join us in maintaining our proud Johnson East Side tradition.

    We encourage you to enrich your experience here by participating both in the classroom as well as in our many extracurricular activities.

    Also, check out our section on Student Opportunities for students here at JHS. You will find a listing of numerous job, volunteering, contests, and other valuable opportunities for Johnson High School students. Downloadable document includes links and contact information, as well as deadlines.

    You may also follow this link to download a copy of our JHS Grading Procedures.

    Govie Leaders:

    Please check out the helpful links below the night before advisory.  You should have a plan for how to run advisory before you enter the room.  That might mean texting your fellow leaders or setting up a Facebook group.  Whatever works best for you! 

    ADVISORY COMPETITIONS: How is your advisory/house doing? Please use this link to review the points your advisory has earned for Academic Tuesday, Character Wednesday, Leadership Thursday and Service Friday competitons. Review this with your advisory weekly!

    PIZZA WITH THE PRINCIPAL: 3 WINNING ADVISORIES! Congratulations to the following advisories for leading their houses with the most Academic Tuesday points at the end of Week 8. For the Werling House: Revak, Rm  2218. For the Kuhn House: Winegar, Rm 2122. For the Ensign House: Witzmann, Rm 2112. These homerooms will enjoy Pizza with the Principal on Wednesday, November 4th. Also, at this time, the Ensign House is winning the Academic Tuesday competition, hotly pursued by the Werling House. There are still 8 days left in the 1st quarter to improve your grades and earn points for your house! Please us this link to access the 5 Essentials Student Survey.

    Read the East Side Review article about Johnson's Student Leadership program: Please use this link to read the November 8th article in the East Side Review about Johnson's new student leadership program.

    Watch Johnson Senior Leaders on KSTP Channel 5: Please use this link to view the Channel 5 story on the advisory leadership program at JHS which was broadcast on November 9th.

Outside Resources

  • Homework Rescue - St. Paul Public Library online homework help. Must have current Public Library Card.

Advisory Leaders

  • If you are an advisory leader, please review the advisory activities for the second week of school, and be prepared to lead your advisory. The activities are located at the bottom of this web page.

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