• Johnson High School mathematics staff have worked very hard for the last several years to make sure that Johnson has one of the best mathematics program in the city of Saint Paul. Whether it is textbook selection or redesigning and re-structuring classes, the staff always did it with the best interest of all Johnson High students in mind. Their attention to student diversity, concerns, and needs has culminated in a mathematics program that is second to none. At Johnson High School, we are proud to say that not only does our mathematics program challenge each and every single student, but it also provides them with the insights into how and why mathematics is such an integral part of our everyday lives. However, the best thing about the mathematics program at Johnson High is not its classes, but its staff. Nowhere in the city of Saint Paul will you find a more compassionate, caring, diverse, and hard working group of teachers than at Johnson. The mathematics department along with other departments have and will always be committed to making sure that Johnson High continues to be the PRIDE OF THE EAST SIDE.