• Spanish 1:

    Spanish 1 focuses on the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking through thematically-designed Units 1-6. Topics include identity in the Spanish-speaking world and asking/answering simple questions in Spanish to exchange information about self, clothing, weather, schedule, and countries and regions of the Spanish-speaking world. Learning about and practicing the structures of Spanish enables students to move from the use of simple memorized phrases to being able to create with the language. Additionally, students explore the cultures, history and geography of the Spanish-speaking world. Students begin this class at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) proficiency level of Novice-Low, and will progress to level Novice-Mid by the end of this course. This is the first course in a series that prepares students to test for the MN State Bilingual Seal awards, which confer upon successful testers MNSCU language credit.


  • As a Creative Arts school, our Spanish classes regularly integrate the Arts into the curriculum. On the Day of the Dead, for example, students learned the words to a typical Mexican song called "Chúmbala Ca Chúmbala." 

Chúmbala Ca Chúmbala
  • In another project students researched famous Hispanic people and designed posters about them.