1. math Place students in the right math class to guarantee success
    2. Build critical thinking skills

    Goal 1.        The Mathematics Department gives students a chance to start with the basics of learning to work with numbers and to continue through advanced high school mathematics according to their math level.  As students master skills and understand concepts, they can move through Math Foundations and Pre-Algebra to Intermediate  Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra2 so they can complete at LEAP all the required math classes for graduation. Our classes prepare students for continuing studies of math in college.  All students can be successful in math, and we will help them find the right class and best way for each one to learn.

    Goal 2.            Critical thinking skills we build include: representing data pictorially, making a systematic list, eliminating possibilities, guess and check, identifying and solving sub-problems,identifying an easier but related problem, using manipulatives, making a model,working backwards, matrix logic, looking for a pattern, using and understanding graphs, and others.  Students should improve the ability to understand, evaluate, and manipulate numbers, especially in areal world application, or a word problem. We challenge the students to organize reason deductively or inductively. The department also hopes to develop the students' ability to communicate in written and oral form about mathematics and doing that helping them building English language fluency.