Art Department

  • Students in visual art classes at LEAP are introduced to the language of art through the teaching of the art elements: line, shape, color, form, texture, and value. These concepts are introduced through the creation of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculpture. This approach to art instruction allows students to acquire the visual and verbal tools they will need to illustrate ideas in their art work. By learning the elements and principles of art, students learn concepts that help them become critical observers of the visual world. Students study works of art, nature, architecture and the environment. They also use creative and thematic ideas related to their individual experience and interpretation in creating their own work.

    At LEAP a special emphasis is given to acquiring language skills through the study of art. Students are encouraged to reflect on their native country's traditions, landscape and architecture. Many of the images posted on the site reflect our students’ personal experiences as well as their knowledge and experience in demonstrating their traditional art forms.

    Notable Projects

    2012-2013 Totem Pole Project. This cross disciplinary project originated as a way in which to connect the experiences of the indigenous peoples from around the world to the experiences of the indigenous peoples of the United States.  Our goal was to foster understanding among cultures by sharing with our students the art, history, stories and sense of place of the Native Americans.  We focused on the Native American culture to bring to the forefront of our curriculum ways in which all indigenous peoples are connected.  This, in turn, helped our students make connections to this new land in which they are living.

    The 2011 Ordway Center's Spring Artwalk will feature LEAP student’s paintings and sculpture inspired by Pablo Picasso's portraits of women.  The works will be on display in the first floor windows of the Travelers Insurance building, located behind the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul.

    The Minnesota Beatle Project sponsored by Vega Productions awarded the LEAP art department a generous grant for the 2010-11 school year. The grant will allow for the purchase of visual art resources and materials.

    Wet Paint Art Materials in Saint Paul features LEAP student artwork in their Grand Avenue store on an ongoing basis. Currently on display are our student's Picasso inspired portraits.

    The art department received a National Education Association Arts Award in 2008 to create a patterned floor installation in the hallway leading to the gymnasium. The design for the floor is based on symmetrical pattern motifs created by LEAP art students.

    With support from 3M, the Knight Foundation and the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, LEAP student self-portraits were reproduced into a 40’ X 40’ mural that was displayed on the Ordway Center for the 2008 Flint Hills Children’s Art Festival. The original student self-portraits were displayed in the windows of the Travelers Insurance building near the Ordway Center.

    Self-portraits created by female art students were on display at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in October 2007. These portraits were part of the closing celebrations of the exhibition, In Her Own Right, Minnesota's First Generation of Women Artists.


Art Department News

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