• teachers

    The course offerings in the Business and Technology Department are most beneficial to the students who will develop skills essential for success in the business world. The courses include:

    • Accounting
    • Banking and Credit
    • Computer Applications
    • Keyboarding
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing
    • Web Design

    Community Outreach

    Community Outreach is available to seniors who have sufficient credits to graduate. Community Outreach experiences may include the following:

    • Work Experience
    • Job Shadowing
    • Community Service
    • Advanced Skills and talent development (i.e., dance, music, etc.)
    • Neighborhood projects and activities
    • Certification programs (CISCO, A+, Red Cross, EMT, etc.)


    Have you or your student thought about an Accounting career? Take a moment to look at the Classified section of the newspaper and you will find many ads for prospective employees with Accounting knowledge.  Accounting offers a broad range of job opportunities as well as above-average salaries.  Get your introduction to Accounting while you’re in high school.

    Articulation Certificates

    Students enrolled in Accounting II are offered St. Paul College credits if course goals and competencies are mastered. Certificates may be presented at the time of registration at St. Paul College and can be applied within 2 years of graduation from Como Park Senior High.  What a wonderful opportunity!