School Social Work Department

  • Hello OWL Community:

    We have two School Social Workers and one School Social Work Intern at Open World Learning (OWL) this year. Michelle is full-time and Paige is half-time. Michelle has her clinical license in Social Work (LICSW) and received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She began working for St. Paul Public Schools in 1998 - she worked at Highland Park Middle School for 18 years and OWL for the last 4 years. 

    Paige is a recent Masters in Social Work graduate from the University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University and has her license in social work (LGSW). She's completed two School Social Work internships within Saint Paul Public Schools. Her foundation internship was at Johnson High School and her clinical internship was at OWL. She is delighted to continue her work at OWL and she will be splitting her time between OWL and Humboldt High School. 

    Eleanor is our new school social work intern during the 2020-2021 school year. She is studying at St. Catherine University to get her Master's in Clinical Social Work. She aims to earn her license in social work after graduation.
    Eleanor is excited to begin working at OWL this fall and experience the many intersecting issues that impact adolescents. She believes in community action and is happy to have the opportunity to work in a school in the neighborhood that she grew up in. Eleanor appreciates the hands-on learning that OWL encourages and plans to use those same practices in her own work with OWL students and families.

    We primarily work with students who receive special education services and students who may need additional emotional health and/or crisis support. We are experienced in working with students with a trauma background. We provide counseling to students individually or in groups. We are also available to consult with teachers and staff about students, and we regularly interact with parents. We love being School Social Workers because we are able to provide emotional support to students directly and indirectly through our interactions with staff/teachers and parents. Our goal is to help students feel academic, social and emotional success. 

    We are looking forward to working with students, staff and parents this year!

    Resources are listed below. If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to us!

    Michelle Romano, MSW, LICSW & Paige Geck, MSW, LGSW and

    School Social Workers - Open World Learning (OWL) 

    Phone: (651) 744-3398 and (651) 293-8670

    Fax: (651) 293-5308


    Community Resources 


    Adult Mental Health: 

    The Mental Health Crisis Alliance 


    -Phone: (651)-241-5959 

    -About: Provides crisis service system for adults in the eastern metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota.  


    -Minnesota Help Info:  


    -About: Locates services/providers near you   




    Minnesota's largest provider of autism and childhood mental health services. Serves children and adults through healthcare, education, housing and employment. Services are individualized and have a family-centered approach. Fraser providers autism evaluations, including diagnosing and creating tailored treatment plans.

    Contact: 612-767-7222


    Minnesota Autism Center

    Minnesota Autism Center offers a wide array of assessment services for diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Provide initial screening and diagnosis or offer on-going assessments and evaluations.

    Contact: (952) 767-4200




    Minnesota Mental Health Clinics

    Minnesota Mental Health Clinics offers a Social Skills Connection Group called Groundbreakers for ages 8-17. The program is for children and adolescents who are struggle with social skills. The group meets one time per week.

    Contact: (651) 454-0114




    University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

    University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital provide services including diagnostic evaluations, medical consultation, social skills groups and parent consultation. The clinical team help to identify services to support your family and child's development. They tailor interventions specifically suited for your child's needs.  

    Contact: 612‑365‑8400




    Children’s Mental Health Services:  

    Ramsey County’s Children’s Mental Health Services 


    -Phone: (651)-293-5951 

    -Provide mental health counseling to children   


    Clothing Resources: 

    Hallie Q Brown Center   


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601   

    - About: Provide free clothing - Monday and Friday 11am - 4pm - no appointment needed 


    Joseph's Coats    


     -Phone: (651)-291-2472 

    -About: Provide free clothing. Bring a photo ID. You can go there once per week on Mondays or Wednesdays from 9am -12pm or from 1pm - 4:30pm  



    Allina Health Grief & Loss 


    -Phone: 651-628-1752 

    -About: Provide grief/loss Counseling 


      Clearwater Counseling MN 


    -Phone: (651)-983-7192 

    -About: Provide counseling, consultation & mediation services for individuals, couples, and families. 




    -Phone: (651) 379-4200   

    - About: Male/female therapists that speak Spanish.   

    ---Intake - Thursdays/St Paul - 8:30am - 12pm (walk in)   

    ---Mini wait list - 3-6 weeks out.   

    ---Take Blue Cross/Blue Shield and take all major insurances - MA, Medica, Ucare, HP 


    Face 2 Face 


    -Phone: (651)-772-5555 

    -About: Provides individual, family and couples psychotherapy for ages 11-24 years old with or without insurance (sliding fee) 


    Family Innovations 


    -Phone: (651)-748-5019 

    -About: Mental health, therapy and counseling services 


    Mental Health Practitioner United Family Medicine  


    -Phone:  651-241-1000. 

    -About: Provide mental health and counseling.  

    ---There is a spanish speaking line when setting up appointments. Patients need to see a primary physician at the clinic and ask to be referred to Xoel Gonzalez. He's fluent in Spanish and English and he meets with 10/+ years old. He works with kids having trouble at school and at home, adults with relationship issues, trauma, and persistent mental illness. Feel free to call Xoel with more questions. 

    ---There are sliding fees for those without insurance and they also take most insurances. 


    Progressive Individual Resources here on the West Side.  


    -Phone: 651-222-6567. 

    -About: They have many Spanish speaking therapists with opening with no wait list.  

    ---Takes various health insurances  


    Psych Recovery Inc 


    -Phone: (651)-645-3115. 

    -About: Outpatient mental health clinic  

    ---Can conduct psychological evaluations 

    ---Takes insurance 


    Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Crises Line: 

    -Phone: 651-266-7878  

    -About: Open 24 Hours/ Text:**274747 

    ----Mental health crisis services are available 24/7 for all adults and children. 

    ----Can also assist by meeting people in a variety of settings. Crisis teams can also provide connections to community resources. 

    Strength and Healing:  


     -Phone: (651)-925-6313 

    -About: Brant Thomsen, Licensed Therapist who offers counseling for children, teens, and adults. 

    ----Specializes in play therapy, autism, and counseling for fathers.  

    -----Accepts medical assistance and medicaid, or sliding fee 


    Psychology Today:  


    -About: Locates therapist near home 


    Free Walk In Counseling Center 


    -Phone: (612)-870-0565 

    -About: Provide individual counseling (any age), couples counseling, family therapy, and mediation   


     Cultural Programs: 

    Hmong American Partnership 


    -Phone: (651)-495-1575    

    -About: Provides services for both individuals and families. 

    -----Parents can contact youth involvement program coordinator.  



    Bank accounts. No over draft fees and no minimum balance. 

    For tax preparation help: Prepare and Prosper can help by offering free tax prep!


    Food Resources:   

     Food Shelf  

    -Phone: (651)-756-7018 

    -About: Open: Mon - 9am - 6pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am - 5pm, Friday 9am - 6pm. *Call for appointment* 

     ---Those who have limited English skills can use children to call and go to appointment 


    Hallie Q Brown Center 


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601 

    -About: Provides basic needs and clothing 


    MN Food Help Line: 

    -Phone: 1-888-711-1151  

    -About: Locates nearest food shelf and hot meals based on address.  (Ask for "emergency" food shelf if already used regular food shelf for the month)  


    Neighborhood House Food Shelf, 


    -Phone: (651) 789-2500 

     -About: Neighborhood has two food markets: the Wellstone Food Market in the Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center on St. Paul’s West Side, and the second in Sibley Manor in Highland Park. Provide food and connections to resources.  


    Twin Cities Mobile Market 


    -Phone: 651-280-2434  

    -About: Grocery store on wheels; anyone can access 


    Free/Low Cost Housing Items:  

    Free Cycle 


    -About: Provides resources  


    General Assistance for Families: 

     Minnesota Help Info:  


    -About: Locates services/providers near you   


    PC’s for People: Website:

    Phone Number: 651-354-2552

    Address: 1481 Marshall Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104


    -Low-cost desk tops computers, laptops, and accessories

    -Internet devices and subscriptions

    -Digital learning

    -Individual electronics drop-off


    Volunteer Lawyers Network: Website:

    Phone Number: 612-752-6677

    Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am-1pm


    -Connects people with trained volunteer lawyers who can provide advice, brief services, or representation in court.

    -Works with family, civil, employment, debt collection, housing, immigration, real estate, criminal expungement, and bankruptcy.


    Health Insurance:   



    -Phone: (651)-489-2273, 1600 University Ave W # 211 in St. Paul, MN

     -About: Help families register for health insurance - free program  (interpreters in Spanish, Hmong, Amharic, Somali, Vietnamese)



    Shelter Listings: 


    -About: Assists with finding shelter and assistance 


    Interventions for Kids: 

    Intervention Central 


    -About: Provides assistance with school work  


    Academic interventions 


    -About: Offers academic interventions  


    PBIS World 


    -About: A website containing links to hundreds of interventions, supports, resources, and data collection tools.   



    New Lens Urban Mentoring 


    -Phone: (651)-683-2968 

    -About: provides black males in the 8-12th grade with access to culturally congruent mentors  


    Mentor Minnesota
    -Find local mentor

    Programs for Kids: 

    Community Education/Homework Help/Mentoring  


    -About: Offers lifelong learning opportunities for all members of the community. 


    Homework Help 


    -About: St. Paul Public Schools supports individual school programs and teachers in developing homework practices  


     Mentoring Program 


    -About: Mentors within the Twin Cities 


     One 2 One 


    -About: A mentoring program that works towards empowering youth and connecting communities  




    -Phone: (651)-744-7738 

    -About: A network of many different after-school and summer programs for youth in Saint Paul 


    180 Degrees 


    -Phone: (651)-968-8908 

    -About: Supports individuals and families to overcome barriers 


    Resources for New Parents In Need: 

    Hallie Q Brown Center 


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601 

    -About: Provides basic needs and clothing 


    Second Stork 


    -Phone: (651)-272-0356 

    -About: Provide play yards, clothing, blankets, diapers, bottles and more to new parents in need.  

    ---Services can be requested through the nurse or social worker at the hospital.  

    --- Located in many hospitals throughout the Twin Cities