The MYP Design Cycle
  • At Highland Park Middle School, MYP Technology is embedded within other courses.

    MYP technology aspires to develop creative problem solvers who are caring and responsible individuals, able to respond critically and resourcefully to the demands of the increasingly technological society and to appreciate the importance of technology for life, society and the environment.

    MYP Aims
    The aims of any MYP subject and of the personal project state in a general way what the teacher may expect to teach, and what the student may expect to experience or learn. In addition, they suggest how the student may be changed by the learning experience.

    The aims of the teaching and study of technology are to encourage and enable students to:

    • develop an appreciation of the significance of technology for life, society and the environment
    • use knowledge, skills and techniques to create products/solutions of appropriate quality
    • develop problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking skills through the application of the design cycle
    • develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems
    • use and apply information and communication technology (ICT)effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, and to solve problems .