Counselors' Corner

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    Please direct any questions to HPMS' school counselors:

Elisabeth Mulvaney and Nou Katzmarek
  • Our Vision: Highland Park Middle School students are confident visionaries, who inspire those around them in building an inclusive community where all members thrive.  Our students are risk-takers and rise to life’s challenges, creating positive change in the local and global community. They are compassionate, caring and actively engaged in the pursuit of life-long passions.
    Our Mission: Highland Park Middle School's counselors aim to provide a comprehensive program which equitably serves each of our 6-8th grade students and families in their journey to productive and successful adulthood.  We strive to provide academic, college/career and social-emotional learning support to our students as they become self-sufficient lifelong learners, critical thinkers and agents of change in an ever-evolving global community. 
  • Counselor Assignments for the next school year  (2023-2024)

    Ms. Katzmarek • (651) 744-3400 • • 6th grade

    Ms. Mulvaney • (651) 744-3399 • • 7th grade

    Ms. Seifert • (651) 744-7582 • • 8th grade



    Counselor Assignments for the current school year  (2022-2023)

    Ms. Mulvaney • (651) 744-3399 • • 6th grade

    Ms. Seifert • (651) 744-7582 • • 7th grade

    Ms. Katzmarek • (651) 744-3400 • • 8th grade


    Counselors play a variety of roles within the school setting, from scheduling student classes to individual or group counseling.

    Often times, if a parent has a question about navigating through middle school years, school counselors are a good place to start looking for answers. Our priority is helping students be successful in school. Some of the more common functions we serve are as follows:

    • Individual/group support- working with students to support social emotional and self-regulation skill development
    • Building organizational skills- individual work with students, families and teachers in order to track homework, facilitate communication and increase class progress
    • Support development of students' Personal Learning Plan (PLP) college and career readiness skills
    • Deliver core counseling curriculum classroom lessons
    • Conflict resolution- individual/group work between peers around resolving conflicts which may interfere with class progress
    • Facilitate student leadership activities and affinity groups (WEB, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Black Student Union, Dare 2 Be Real, People Unified, Student Environmental Activists)
    • Adjusting schedules- to better serve student needs
    • Monitor course completion-to help students successfully complete coursework in preparation for high school

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!