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  • Welcome to the Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) department . This course intertwines cooking & safety skills, cooing & nutrition knowledge & food design.  Students are encouraged to think critically, work cooperatively & independently, as well as becoming an open minded food risk taker!

    In Multi-Cultural Foods class, student learn about several different cultures, as it relates to food.  they'll learn about safety & sanitation, teamwork, kitchen math, nutrition, and vegetarianism all while practicing various cooking techniques through a world cultures lens.  Students will be using the MYP Design Cycle throughout the school year when creating various foods.

    This department will be offering the class called MULTI-CULTURAL FOODS all year, to only 8th graders.


    Unit  = Kitchen Safety & Sanitation 

    Inquiry Statement = “Working together + great communication as a group, can positively impact others

    Key & Related Concepts = Communication & Collaboration

    Global Context = Identities & Relationships



    Unit = Meal Elements

    Inquiry Statement = “When developing & creating foods, your group needs to be fair & share when using supplies, plus work together well to produce your delicoius foods."

    Key & Related Concepts = Development & Collaboration

    Global Context = Fairness & Development


    Unit = Nutrition

    Inquiry Statement = “Food has many rolesidentifying your body systems & how they relate, helps your body to function at its best.

    Key & Related Concepts = Systems & Roles

    Global Context = Identities & Relationships


    Unit = Food Lab Preparations

    Inquiry Statement = “Looking at various community enviroments, people express their personal & cultural tastes through food."

    Key & Related Concepts = Communities & Environment

    Global Context = Personal & Cultural Reflection 



      MN Middle School FCS Frameworks Standards 

                              MYP Design Aims

    MMSFACS 3.3.2 Food safety & food borne illnesses,  MMSFACS 3.4.1 Laboratory / kitchen safety & sanitiation practices 

    Act with integrity & honesty and take responsibility for their own actions developing effective working practices

    MMSFACS 3.4.2 Cooking terms, equivalents, abbreaviation, measurements 

    MMSFACS 3.4.3 Reading & using recipes, Techniques & equipment for preparing & serving food

    Develop an appreciation of the impact of design innovations for life, global society & environments

    MMSFACS 3.2.1 Dietary guideline / MyPlate MMSFACS 3.2.3 Nutrients, nutritional label analysis

    Develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems

    MMSFACS 3.4.4  Techniques & equipment for preparing & serving food 

    MMSFACS 3.4.5 Teamwork in the laboratory setting & hands-on activities

    Appreciate past, present and emerging design within cultural, political, social, historical and environmental contexts


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