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  • This department used to be called Home Economics or Home Ec., but it has had a "face lift".  The new title is Family & Consumer Sciences.  We will be covering cooking and nutrition this year, but with a new twist!  Students will now be investigating kitchen safety and nutrition, designing snacks and meals, experimenting with food, critically thinking and writing about cultural foods experiencing.  It is very exciting!  The emphasis is now focused on the students becoming the designer and the originator of their own original work.  The students will be learning about and using the MYP Design Cycle to help them from the investigative work, to designing their food pieces to evaluating their selves.

    This year this department will be integrating FACS power standards, and the Middle Years Program (MYP) into all of its courses.  The classes will be based on students learning about and completing the MYP Design Cycle.

    This department will be offering Multi-Cultural Foods classes all year.

    In Multi-Cultural Foods class, students will learn the basics of cooking, nutrition, plus safety and sanitation in the kitchen.  This class is very popular because students love to eat their food creations!  Students will also use the design cycle and are responsible for their own progress and work completion.  Students will design a kitchen safety mini poster, learn about various ethnic cultures and their foods, as well as compete in various food challenge competitions such as developing their own delicious popcorm snack, healthy yet tasty muffin, and yummy salad.

    Units of Study in Multi-Cultural Foods Class:

    Unit  = Kitchen Safety & Sanitation 

    Inquiry Statement = “In a properly functioning kitchen, what safety systems need to be in place?”

    Concepts = Systems & Functions

    Global Context = Scientific & Tech Innovation

    Task = Student groups create a rap/poem/song and a presentation poster or power point on a kitchen safety or sanitation topic.

    Summative Assessment(s) = Post - test on kitchen safety & sanitation, rap/poem/song, presentation poster or power point slide show.


    Unit = Meal Elements

    Inquiry Statement = “When creating a meal, which systems should be in place?"

    Concepts = Systems & Functions

    Global Context = Personal & Cultural Expression

    Task = Students will learn how to create a visually appealing plate of food

    Summative Assessment(s) = Post - test on kitchen measurements and equivalents, how to create a table setting


    Unit = Nutrition

    Inquiry Statement = “Looking through a cultural perspective lens, why is a structured eating plan/system important?”

    Concepts = Systems & Perspective

    Global Context = Personal & Cultural Expression

    Task = Student groups will create a healthy yet great tasting muffin or healthy snack

    Summative Assessment(s) = Post - test on nutrition, food challenge on healthy muffin or snack, MYP Design Cycle design folder


    Unit = Food Preparation

    Inquiry Statement = “With the development of culture & climate, how do people adapt what they eat?"

    Concepts = Development & Adaption

    Global Context = Globalization & Sustainability 

    Task = Cultural Food presentation poster or power point

    Summative Assessment(s) = Cultural food presentation poster or power point, cooking at home pictures, various food labs, MYP Design Cycle design folder


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