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Mr. Jason McIntyre

Please click on the link below to set up a conference. I will be available throughout the week of March 8-12, including the night of March 11 from 4-7 p.m.


About the Teacher
This is my 11th year at Como Park. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Dakota. I earned my Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
Fun Facts about me
I enjoy fishing, watching TV, walking my two dogs, and watching my daughter swim.
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phone: 651-744-5396 (please leave a voicemail)
Or call/text to Google Voice # 651-419-6660 (preferred)
Office Hours for Students
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Google meet link is (you must be logged on to an SPPS account to enter)
Grades, Assignments, and Course Materials
Grades, assignments, and course materials are located on Schoology.
AP Art History

This is a year long course that prepares students to take the AP Art history exam in early May for college credit, depending on the score and college chosen. The students will explore art from several different cultures and time periods. They will examine a number of different artworks from different global cultures and time periods from prehistoric to contemporary art.

Art History

This class follows the AP Art History class in content, but taking the AP Exam is not required. Students may choose to take the AP Art History exam if they choose. This class can be taken one semester at a time.

AP Studio Art

This is a course where the students can choose a media and style to create independent artwork. The work can be in the 3 areas designated by the College Board (2-D Design, Drawing, or 3-D Design.) The students will work on creating a portfolio to submit to the College Board. If the portfolio is complete and is given a satisfactory review by the College Board (a score of 3 or higher on a 6 point scale,) the student can earn three college credits, depending on the college. There is a large amount of work required for portfolio submission in early May. This is also a good class to take this class to prepare a portfolio if a student plans on attending a college for an art or design major.

Beginning Photography

The students will learn the basic technical and artistic skills of traditional black and white photography.  There are several studio projects completed using traditional film photography in a darkroom.

Advanced Photography

In this course, the students will learn more advanced techniques for taking and printing traditional photographic prints, including the use of filters, dodging and burning, and the use of a manual 35mm camera. We also use digital cameras, iPads, and digital manipulation of digital images.

Beginning Drawing

The students will complete several studio projects with different types of drawing media. There will be a focus on media manipulation and presentation of the final works.

Beginning Painting

The students will create several paintings using different media. There will be a focus on the application of paint, color mixing, artistic compostion, and the quality of finished projects.