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  • iPad Misuse and Consequences - IMPORTANT!

    iPad update for parents (11/20/2017)

    Some students have needed additional attention regarding the appropriate use and care of their iPads, and we will be reviewing the rules regarding iPads with our students in Foundations classes.  This year, with the new design of the iPad case/keyboard, students MUST have their keyboard attached at all times they are carrying their iPad, as the keyboard is what protects the screen.  Students carrying around iPads without keyboards will have their iPad taken away until the keyboard is reunited with the iPad.  Our process for ensuring the proper use of iPads is the following:

    1st infraction -- student receives a warning

    2nd  infraction -- teacher takes the iPad for the remainder of the period, and teacher alerts parent that there was an issue in class.

    3rd infraction – the iPad is taken from the student turned in to the iPad office.  The iPad office will let parents know about the iPad issue.  The iPad will be returned to the students only AFTER a reflection has been completed with iPad office staff and the student has conferenced with their administrator.

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  • Parenting in the Digital Age

    iPad Technology Agreement Forms can be found here:



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  • Cri anza de Niños en la Era Digital

          Acuerdo de uso de la tecnologia por los estudiantes. Se puede localizar en el enlace adjunto.
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