Students in Science
  • Parkway Montessori Science provides students opportunities to explore and investigate the natural world and our expanding universe. Students engage in the process of science, deepening their connections and understanding of nature and their role in our environment, community, and universe. Our curriculum focuses on developing students’ questioning, investigative, and problem-solving skills and is aligned with the Minnesota State Standards. We have high expectations for our community of learners, and our Montessori environment engages students in meaningful, real-world activities and projects that enable them to apply and communicate their knowledge.

    Our Montessori environment includes single grade and multi-grade classes, supporting students’ social development, confidence, and self-motivation. Our 6th grade community focuses on the study of the physical sciences and our multi-grade classes in our 7th and 8th grade communities rotate their focus between life sciences and earth sciences.

    Our science classes enjoy exploring and studying the forest area that is adjacent to Parkway and learning in our outdoor classrooms. Throughout the spring and summer we collaborate with our community to plan, plant and take care of our large vegetable and herb garden located on the west side of the school. Our Parkway learning communities engage in many field studies and outings throughout the school year, providing our adolescent learners opportunities to explore, learn through their experiences, develop leadership skills, and consider their role in a larger community- to begin to see themselves as global citizens.