Degrees and Certifications:

* Bachelor's Degree & TEFL Certification- University of Minnesota (2010) * K12 ELL License- Hamline University (2014) * Master's of Teaching- Hamline University (2018) * ELM Coaching Certification- Hamline University/ SPPS (2019) About Me ♥ I started teaching in 2015 ♥ I like to draw, paint, take photos, and do crafts ♥ I've taught English abroad and with the Concordia Language Village's Korean language immersion program

Ms. Boyd

My name is Sarah Boyd and I am one of the ELL teachers here.

 My goal is to build on students' strengths and develop their English language skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

As an ELL student your child spends most of their day in the general education classroom. In addition, they will work with me at a certain time of the day or week to support their language needs.

Instructional support is provided primarily during reader’s workshop or writer’s workshop. ELL teachers provide targeted language instruction and learning strategies to students to make grade level content more accessible.

Even though your child’s English development is important, their home language and culture is just as important. Please keep using your home language with your child.

Learn more about the district's MLL department and ELL programs here: http://mll.spps.org/

If you have any questions or need information about ELL service, ELL testing, or eligibility, please contact me.