Our Third Grade

third grade
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    We have three third-grade teachers: Ms. Providence, Mr. Engstrom and Mr. Lein. Our students work with Ms. Osaulenko and Ms. Hammink, ELL teachers.   We are excited about enriching our students' lives through positive educational learning.

    Environmental Focus:
    Third-graders study local habitats for our Environmental Focus. They utilize the Inquiry Model to determine what animals and plants belong to this group and what characteristics they have in common. Students also construct a food chain and compare and contrast our local habitat with a mangrove environment in Florida.

    Field Trips:
    Third-graders enjoy field trips that tie in with Minnesota Science Standards. They explore Belwin Outdoor Science Center, learn about the Solar System at Como Planetarium, learn about Minnesota and the Mississippi's influence on the establishment of St. Paul at Ft. Snelling and observe local habitats at the Minnesota Zoo.

    Learning Goals:
    During the year, third-grade students will learn news skill such as multiplication and division in Everyday Math, dig deeper in Reader’s Workshop with story elements and write genre that includes memoir, reports and poetry. In Science, the focus is on Life Cycles using plants and crayfish.