TDAS Program Components

  • Components for our Collaborative Gifted Services program:

    • Differentiation
    • Flexible Grouping
    • Enrichment


    Differentiating classroom instruction is a way of thinking about the learning needs of ALL of our students. This approach draws attention to the individual needs of each students. Instruction is tailored to provide depth, rigor, and complexity.

    Flexible Grouping

    Flexible grouping responds to the diverse needs of our students based on the learning task, student readiness, interest, or learning style. Flexible grouping includes small group instruction, student selected groups, and teacher selected groups. Within the school day students are past of many different learning groups, as well as independent work.


    Battle Creek offers numerous enrichment opportunities during the school day and after school. All students have the opportunity to extend and enrich their learning. Some of the enrichment opportunities include:

    • Recyclers
    • Science Lab Assistants
    • Science from Scientists
    • Outdoor Classrooms
    • Belwin Nature Center Field Trips (grades 2-5)
    • Numerous Standards Based Field Trips
    • Grade Level Environmental Expert Focus
    • School Patrols
    • Starbase (grade 4 and 5)