Why Choose Chelsea?

Spring Carnival
  • Academic Excellence: 
    • Chelsea Heights students consistently have higher test scores than the state and district averages
    • There are many wonderful enrichment opportunities, both during and after school
    • We have full-time science, music, art and phy.ed. specialists 
    • Teachers engage in exciting classroom activities, inter-grade collaboration, Cheetah Challenges and numerous field trips
Spring Carnival
  • Parental Involvement:
    • High percentage of parents attend Parent-Teacher conferences
    • The active PTO provides a collaborative “voice” for parents, teachers, and students of our school to ensure quality school experiences and plans fundraisers to fund opportunities that would otherwise not exist
    • On going committee involvement includes: wellness, literacy, media, landscaping, parent forums and parent newsletter
    • Grants secured include a parent-led landscaping project 
Spring Carnival
  • Ample Enrichment Opportunities:
    • Archery Club
    • Northwest Como Rec Center Sports:  volleyball, T-ball, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, and more
Spring Carnival
  • Wonderful Staff:
    • Excellent at differentiating instruction for a wide range of learners 
    • Science Fair for all grades
    • Regular music concerts 
    • Various after-school enrichment clubs
    • Field Day
    • Regular field trips to the Dodge Nature Center, Como Zoo, the Ordway, the Minnesota Zoo, and many cultural events
    • Collaboration among grades on school-wide events and classroom activities 
Spring Carnival