About Cherokee Heights

Cherokee Heights
  • As the West Side’s Montessori school, Cherokee Heights is dedicated to guiding and growing greatness in our children.

    In our Montessori classrooms, each child makes decisions about their learning based upon their individual strengths, likes and learning styles. Through multi-grade classrooms, students develop relationships with the same teacher and classmates over a two- or three-year period.

    All-day Pre-K is available so children canbegin the work of learning at a critical age. Our community school track offers rich, standards-based instruction in traditional classroom settings for students in Grades 2-5. Beginning in 1st grade students have physical education, which includes water safety lessons in our school swimming pool. Free after-school program extends learning time and help students build social skills.

    For the 2017-18 school year, our Montessori program will serve Pre-K to grade 2 with expansion into grades 3-5 in the future.

    School Features:

    • The school has an indoor pool where students can take American Red Cross swimming classes.
    • Students utilize iPads for developing technology skills that support learning.
    • The school's Responsive Classroom program helps students and staff work together to build positive behaviors within the classrooms, school and school community.
    • After-school programs (EDL) extend learning time and build social skills.
    • Students can get one-on-one help in reading and math from tutors through various volunteer organizations.
    • Band and violin lessons are available to give students an early start on learning to play an instrument.

    Our school believes:

    • By engaging students in a challenging curriculum that includes high expectations, students develop a higher sense of purpose, nurtured in the diverse experiences that will enrich them for life.
    • Through embracing tradition, we uphold the seamless relationships between all members of our school community.
    • With integrity, Cherokee Staff strives to make a difference with every child in our rich, diverse community.

    Nuestra escuela tiene la convicción de que:

    • Al motivar a nuestros alumnos para que llenen un programa ambicioso, demostramos confianza en su potencial y los estudiantes desarrollan un más alto sentido de dirección, alimentado en las diversas experiencias escolares que los enriquecerán de por vida.
    • Al aceptar nuestras tradiciones mejoramos las relaciones entre los miembros de la comunidad escolar.
    • El personal de Cherokee lucha por infundir integridad en cada uno de los niños de nuestra variada comunidad.

    Peb Lub Tsev Kawm Ntawv Ntseeg:

    • Raws kev txhawb menyuam uake sib kheem rau cov kev kawm txhua yam kom kawm tau siab, muab cov menyuam xyaum ua kom paub rau qhov yuav kawm tau siab, paub qhia ntau yam sib txawv uas yuav pab tau rau lawv lub neej.
    • Nyob li kev txais tos ntau haiv neeg kab lis kev cai, peb cov neeg txhua tus muaj kev koom siab sib raug zoo hauv peb lub tsev kawm ntawv.
    • Nrog kev ncaj ncees, Cherokee cov neeg ua hauj lwm rau siab, ua hauj lwm nrog rau cov menyuam txhua tus xws li peb muaj, ntau hom neeg uake.

    Free & Reduced Meal Applications

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Cherokee at a Glance

  • Enrollment: 298

    Student Demographics:

    • American Indian/Alaskan Native 1.1%
    • Asian/Pacific Islander 7.3%
    • Hispanic 36.1%
    • Black, not of Hispanic Origin 44.2%
    • White, not of Hispanic Origin 11.3% 
    Cherokee Student Demographics
     Students Who Use:
    • English Language Learning 36%
    • Special Education 17%
    • Free and Reduced Lunch 96%

    MCA Results 2014-2016:

    MCA Results