Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!

PreK Virtual Classroom Tour

  • Our classrooms are a friendly, positive, and secure place in which to learn and work.  Together, staff members and families partner to create an enriching environment where children can grow intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.  It is a cooperative and happy environment where parents and teachers work together as partners in the education of their children.

    About PreK

    What We Learn

    This year we will explore Our World (self, family, school, and community) using the themes: The First Six Weeks in My New School, Exploring Change (Fall), Being Healthy, Adapting (Winter), Helping, Creating and Constructing, and Cycles (Spring).  Throughout these units we will work and play together to learn our ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, rhyming, alliteration….  We will also learn how to work together, to share, to be good friends, and about emotions.

    What we learn

    Our Schedule

    Our daily schedule follows the Early Childhood Workshop model.

    Ease into the Day – Children put away their belongings and sign in daily.  They then ease into their day with an activity such as a puzzle or reading books on the rug.

    Breakfast or Lunch – Morning classes receive breakfast and afternoon classes receive lunch.  Both meals are currently free of charge.

    Morning/Afternoon Meeting – This time is used to build community as a collective group through songs, activities, greetings, and messages.  We will also have a daily read aloud.

    Small Group – This time is used to reinforce skills and introduce new concepts. 

    Active Learning – Children use this time to explore and construct a deeper knowledge through independent or group play.  Teachers use this time to help scaffold learning and reinforce targeted skills and concepts. 

    Regroup to Revisit – Children learn math concepts using the calendar, share what they did at school, and end their day with a song or story.

    Dismissal – Students are always walked to a bus or parent at the end of their day.  Parents are required to be at the bus stop when their child is dropped off.

    Parent Involvement

    Parent Involvement

    We encourage our parents to always be involved in their child’s education at school and at home.  All families are welcome to visit and volunteer in the classroom at any time after the first six weeks.  The first six weeks is an important time for our children to start developing a healthy separation from families.  After the first six weeks we have a “Take Your Parent to School Day.”  All families are invited to spend the day with us and to see what their child does while they are at school.



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