Family & Community Resources

  • Whether you are a student/parent/teacher/staff/community member, individually or as a group, stay committed to Eastern Heights Mission: Educate for a Better Tomorrow and be a cultural bridge.

    Family Resource Room: Located inside the main office.  Parents and volunteers are welcome to stop in anytime during school hours and contribute or browse through the resources that are available.

    For more information please contact our Family Liaison: 651-293-8870

    Eastern Heights has a strong commitment to safe schools, safe communities.

  • Be a Part of Something Great! 

    Eastern Heights Elementary (EH) is the place to be for us all because we care enough. Some of us show that by having our child and/or children enrolled here; some of us volunteer our time, heart and mind toward the mission of the school; and some of us contributed by being a staff and/or teachers. At EH we believe that all of us are working hard to build relationships with one another to make our building a place which not only reflects our neighborhood and community in strength and diversity, but is a place that we feel we are a part of something great, a place for each individual as well as for the community as a whole. We want to know what we can do to use the unique strengths of each member so we can take a little piece of ourselves working each day toward "Educate for a Better Tomorrow". 

    Each student is a unique and special part of every school day. Each family is a unique and special part of every school day. Each community member is a unique and special part of every school day. Whether it will be best shared through a song, storytelling, an art project, a recreational activity, a moment during lunch and/or recess time, please join us in your unique way (s) at Eastern Heights.