PreK-4 Campus

Airplan and American flag
  • PreK – 4th Grades

    We have twenty-one classrooms this school year, 2020-2021.  Besides the two half-day PreK classes, there are 4 kindergarten grades, 4 first grades, 4 second grades, 4 third grades and 4 fourth grade classes.

    There are three Enrichment classes for students; Physical Education, Aerospace, and Science

    Students also engage in a weekly STEAM activity to support science in the classroom.  Technology is integrated into every classroom with the inclusion of 1:1 iPad implementation.  Laptop carts and a full computer lab are also available for classrooms to use during the school day.

    Mr. John Bjoraker is our Principal at the PreK-4 campus.

Ms. Saatzer and Ms. Schreiber greeting students during assembly

Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 Help Form

  • Help Form

    If you need assistance and do not know where to start, or need to speak with a staff member, please fill out the following form. Please be as complete and detailed as possible. One of our staff members will respond to support you as soon as possible.