Mr. Laska

Phone: 651-293-8740 ext. 2214


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Laska

FAQ's about Laska:

Where did you go to school to become a math teacher?

I started college studying engineering at the University of Minnesota(Twin Cities) in 1980. I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 1983 to study teaching. I graduated from River Falls in 1985 with a math major and physics minor.

At what schools have you worked?

I taught at Sibley High School from 1985-1987 and have been at Murray Jr. High from 1987-present.

How many years have you been teaching?

Look at the last question and you do the math.

Is the rest of your family as weird as you?

I met my wife in our ninth grade biology class(we were assigned as lab partners to catch butterflies). She chased me from 1977 until I tired of the chase in 1985(We got married in 1985). My daughter takes after her mother. Nuff said.