Ms. Deana

Phone: 651-293-8915


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education, University of Minnesota MA - Elementary Education, Early Childhood Special Education, and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ms. Deana

Deana (dee-na) Moore has been teaching Early Childhood Special Education and PreK at Dayton's Bluff since 2014 but has been teaching since 1998.  She received her bachelor's degree in Child Psychology, her early childhood, early childhood special education, and elementary teaching degrees/licenses at the University of Minnesota and her Masters degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders at Concordia University.  She has experience teaching 1st/2nd grade, PreK, 3 year olds, and early childhood special education in both Minnesota and Arizona.

At home, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and creating classroom materials.  Her favorite things to cook are Italian food and she loves trying new recipes.  She is passionate about teaching special education students in the general education PreK and spends much of her time adapting and modifying the curriculum so that all students can learn.

Ms. Deana has a 21 year old son, Nate, who is a student at Winona State University and an extremely spoiled 2 year old French Bulldog named Maddie.  Ms. Deana grew up in the southwestern United States (Arizona and California) and moved to Minnesota in 1993.  Her favorite things about Minnesota are the varied seasons and how each one is unique and special.  She currently resides in Apple Valley.

In her professional life, Ms. Deana loves being a teacher of young children.  She values teaching students to be independent, hard-working, and creative.  She believes her most important jobs are to teach her PreK students how to have love and enthusiasm for school and how to negotiate and have positive social interactions with their peers.  Her favorite part of the day is Large Group Meeting time.  She finds it fun to teach the children new songs, vocabulary, and introducing them to different kinds of literature that they might not be exposed to!

Literacy Corner

  • Letter Recognition

    “Letters, letters, letters have names.  What is the name of this letter?”

    Start with the letters in your child’s name.  Point to each letter and say the name.  Look for the same letters in books and on signs.  Write the letters of their names on a piece of paper and cut them apart to create a puzzle.  Say the letters as they put them back together.  Once they are able to say their letters consistently add a couple more to practice.  Play the alphabet game while in the car, on the bus, out for a walk, or while shopping.  Look for the letter “Aa,” once it is found look for the letter “Bb,” keep going until you get to “Zz.” 

    Need more help – check out this letter and letter sound playlist on YouTube.


Math Corner

  • Shapes/Colors

    What does your child need to know before they are ready to start learning their letters?  Shapes and colors! 

    Help your child learn their colors by naming colors as you see them and having them repeat you.  When talking about objects identify the color, “Look at that big red truck!”  Ask them questions about things they see, “What color is that bird?”  Play I Spy – “I spy something red….”  Talk about the colors they are using as they are coloring or painting.  While reading a story, talk about the colors in the pictures.

    Help your child learn their shapes much like you help them learn their colors.  Point them out, identify them, ask them questions, and talk, talk, talk.  Another helpful way to learn shapes is to describe the shapes, “A triangle has three sides and three corners.”  or “A square has four sides that are the same size and it has four corners.”  


Daily Schedule

  • Morning Class

    7:15am Arrival/Ease into the Day

    7:30am Breakfast

     Morning Meeting

     Small Group

     Active Learning

     Regroup to Revisit

    9:50am Dismissal


    Afternoon Class

    11:30am Arrival/Ease into the Day


     Afternoon Meeting

     Small Group

     Active Learning

     Regroup to Revisit

    1:50pm Dismissal

    (times TBD in Aug)