• Welcome to Pre-K!

    Welcome to Farnsworth Pre-K!

    We use the St. Paul Schools Early Childhood Workshop Model in which we incorporate Language, Science, Math, and Reading in a hands on environment.
    Our Area of Study changes each month and include Our First Six Weeks, Change is All Around Us, Staying Healthy in Our World, Adapting to Our Environment, Helpers in Our Community, Creating and Constructing, Cycles in our World,
    and Aerospace.
    The students can explore different centers, as well as, large and small group activities. We have a fun and active classroom!

    Farnsworth PreK kids get a half day, morning or afternoon, of new challenges. They learn to establish routines, make new friends and experiment with hands on creativity. They also learn the reading and language skills that will prepare them for an exciting future as a student at Farnsworth.

    Our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms implement a strong standards based curriculum including the " Big Five" Literacy Skills:

    • Oral Language
    • Vocabulary Development
    • Print Awareness
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Alphabet Knowledge
    • Aerospace and Aviation

    In Pre-K we incorporate the Aerospace focus into our curriculum through a three week Space Theme. During this time the children are encouraged to observe, describe and understand things they see in the sky, specifically at the 4-year-old level; clouds, stars, sun and moon.

    Every element of the Early Childhood Workshop immerses the children in the concepts they need to understand the theme. Every area of the room gives children the opportunity to explore the theme in a hands-on way. The read alouds, the poems and the stories used throughout the theme give the children further opportunities to think about and discuss the theme.

    PreK students also participate in many of the special activities including astronaut and NASA Aerospace Educator visits throughout the year.