Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program

Students in active play/learning.
  •  Site-based Elementary Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program @ Four Seasons

    Saint Paul Public Schools has a center-based deaf/hard of hearing (DHH) program for ages 3 through 5th grade.  Our focus is on language access and acquisition for students through a total communication model.  This means that our students have access to both signed and spoken language at school.  Our goal is not one modality; our goal is language!

    Our students have access to instruction through specialized DHH classrooms, pull-out services, and push-in support in general education, as well as a classroom for deaf+/deaf-disabled students.  Our goal is to support students' language, academic skills, social-emotional growth, and identity development by creating a community of DHH learners.

    Individual students needs are at the center of what we do.  We have a multi-disciplinary team to provide supports and services, include speech/language therapy, OT, PT, nursing, DAPE, social work, audiology, and more!

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    For any additional questions about the Deaf/Hard of Hearing program or services at Four Seasons, please contact Katie Huttemier, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Lead at 612-289-2205 or