• Welcome to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Four Seasons A+ Elementary School!!  

    We serve children with hearing loss from age 3 through 5th grade, providing academic instruction through music, dance, theater and visual arts. We celebrate the diversity of our students' cultures, languages and family communication choices. Students' hearing losses range from mild to profound and they express themselves using speech and/or sign language, as they are able.

    Kindergarten through 5th Grade

    The focus on arts education allows full participation for all students, regardless of hearing level, communication mode or physical ability. All students participate in their mainstream classroom, with in-class and pull-out support, as needed from teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, sign language interpreters and educational assistants. Four Seasons has on-site expertise provided by a wide variety of service providers as determined by each student's individual IEP needs. We accommodate every learner's academic and communication needs, expecting high levels of academic rigor within our arts-focused curriculum.


    The preschool program serves children who are deaf or hard of hearing from ages 3 to 5 years old. Our program is divided into two half-day classes: Total Communication and Oral/Aural. During the Total Communication class, staff utilize sign language paired with spoken English. In the Oral/Aural class, instruction is provided through spoken English. Both classes emphasize language development while following the district's Pre-K curriculum (Discovering Our World). Our Preschool DHH classrooms have a strong emphasis on meeting the unique needs of young children with hearing loss.

    Our program offers a family sign language class that meets 3 times per month during the school year at Four Seasons.

    If you have other questions about the Deaf/Hard of Hearing services, please contact Four Seasons A+ Principal, Heidi George, at 651-290-7595 or Diane Dohnalik, Special Education Coach: DHH, 651-603-4898. 

    Parent Sign Language Class
    We offer a FREE Sign Language class to parents of our students who are Birth-3 years old.