Second Grade!

Second Grade
  • We have 3 sections of second grade this year.
    Our team is made up of:

    Ms. Vang (651) 744-2306

    Mrs. Krenik (651)744-4693

    Ms. Mann (651) 744- 1757 emma.mann

    The best time to reach us by phone is between 7 am and 7:15 and beween 2:15 and 2:45. Please leave a message if we do not answer and we will get back to you. Check out our monthly newsletters at the botom of this page.

    Snack will be provided on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting October 1st. Your child may bring in an individual nutritious, peanut free snack on Monday and Friday. Our lunch is at 12 pm. Families can also provide a nutritious, peanut free snack for their student's whole class (about 26 servings) as well for Monday and Friday. 

    Communication about what is happening in your child's classroom as well as events and activities happening with the whole school will be sent home in Red Thursday Folders. Please look for the the folder every Thursday and help your child remember to return it.

    Remember to supply labeled headphones for your child to use with their ipads.

     Daily Schedule:

    7:15-7:30      Breakfast

    7:45-8:00      Morning Meeting

    8:00-9:30     Math Review/Math

    9:30-10:00    Recess

    10:00-10:55    Reader's Workshop

    10:58-12:25    Specialists (Music, Science, or Phy-ed)

    11:55-1:25      Lunch

    12:30-1:10       Writer’s Workshop

    1:10-1:40        Skills

    1:40-1:55        Closing

    2:00                Dismissal

    Each class will participate in an Enrichment class every other week at 7:55 am starting September 10th:

    Tuesday: Krenik


    Thursday: Vang

    Wondering what 2nd graders will be working on this year?
    Here are some of the key things we focus on in Reading, Writing, Math, and Social Studies:

    Math –
    Mastering basic addition and subtraction facts
    2-digit addition and subtraction
    Place value
    Solving real world problems
    Creating and solving number patterns
    Identifying 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes

    Reading and Writing –
    Becoming independent readers by building their reading stamina
    Building their writing stamina by writing daily
    Retelling Fiction
    Making connections and creating mental images
    Asking questions in both fiction and nonfiction texts
    Writing fiction and nonfiction pieces
    Making Inferences
    Reading fluently with good expression and pacing

    Social Studies
    Civics (Rights & Responsibilities, Voting)
    Economics (Resources & Exchange)
    Geography (Human & Environmental Interaction, Direction)
    History (Change & Continuity, Cause & Effect)

    Physical Education



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