3rd Grade News

  • We are winding down on the end of the year; we can't believe how quickly it has passed. Thank you for entrusting us with your students. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot, got to experience construction first hand, and are sad to say goodbye. Please join us on Thursday, June 7th at the All-School Picnic. Bring something to eat and enjoy one last day all of us can be together.

    Students, as you think about summer remember to read, practice your math facts, and play outside! Get creative and dramatic, logical and scientific, as well as curious. Inquire into things you don't understand, find answers, conduct experiments, and wonder! Remember to be a good sport and to always remain kind and respectful. Above all though, have fun and stay safe!!

    Have a wonderful summer, we'll see you in the fall!


Important Dates!

  • January 21st
    All: NO SCHOOL
    MLK Jr. Day

    January 24th
    BoxTop Contest

    January 25th
    All: NO SCHOOL
    Prof. Development

    January 31st
    Disco BINGO 6pm

    February 11th

    February 14th
    PTA Meeting 6pm

    February 15th
    School Choice Deadline

    February 18th
    All: NO SCHOOL
    Presidents' Day

    February 27th
    Parent Academy