Welcome to 5th Grade

  • Welcome to 5th Grade, here is a general overview of our program! We have high expectations for each student!

         In fifth grade we use flexible grouping in order to provide students with challenging instruction and to allow them to work with a variety of different individuals. The fifth grade teachers have received training in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, Writer's Workshop, Reader's Workshop, Mathematics, and Technology Integration, and Responsive Classroom. We meet the needs of a diverse group of students because of our different teaching styles.

    We begin our day with a morning meeting to build community and foster relationships in the classroom. Subjects are integrated into our six units of inquiry based on the organizing themes of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. These subjects include literacy, Writer's Workshop, science, social studies, physical education, the arts, and Spanish. Math is taught as a standalone and also integrated into our Units of Inquiry when relevant. We integrate technology daily throughout these subjects.

    Students help direct the inquiry which drives instruction. Students are asked to take ownership of their learning by continually assessing and reflecting on their work. We hold high expectations for our students. This includes completing homework assignments in a timely manner, reading each evening for 30 minutes or more, and internalizing the profiles and attitudes of the Primary Years Programme. 

    Our fifth grade school year culminates with exhibition.  The Highland Park Elementary Exhibition showcases student inquiry and learning throughout their time here in the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate.  Students will create their own central idea and lines of inquiry.  They will work in groups to research, prepare and present information about a topic that they are passionate about.  We are very excited to work with students to see what they discover and create!  

    The 5th Grade Team

    Annabelle Daily / Jordan Ringquist
    The number at school is 651-293-8770.
    Annabelle Daily (annabelle.daily@spps.org)
    Jordan Ringquist (jordan.ringquist@spps.org)