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Class Schedule: Period 1: Prep Period 2: PLC Period 3: Biology Accelerated Period 4: Biology Period 5: Biology Accelerated Period 6: Biology Accelerated Period 7: Biology Accelerated

Mr. Mattimiro

Welcome to 2021-22!

This will be my 22th year at Highland Senior and every new one gets better. Life outside of school includes trail running, judo/BJJ, cooking, reading and spending time tending to my adopted section of the Superior Hiking Trail.  

Personal supplies needed for this year: Writing utensils, metric ruler, calculator, notebook, lab/composition notebook (has graph-lines built in), access to a computer and working printer, a curious mind.

For all correspondence, please use the address to the left.

Courses taught:


Accelerated Biology

A very good resource that works on the iPad is CK-12/Biology.  There are also links to our current text resource in Schoology. There is an advanced version and a more basic version (Conceptual).

Use this link to examine which would be better for you!

Beginning Paperwork: Syllabus, Safety Contracts (Middle School and High School).  For all other information, please go to the Schoology page.


Safety Contract HS

Safety Contract MS

Biology Syllabus