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Ms. Rohweller-Kocur

My name is Jody Rohweller-Kocur (Roh-Ko) and this is my 12th year teaching here at Highland Park Senior High. I went to Bemidji State University and graduated with licensure in Social Studies and Theatre and Speech Education. I received my Master's degree in Education from Hamline University. I have been in the St. Paul Public School district for 20 years. I did my student teaching at Humboldt High School, I worked for 7 years at Hazel Park Middle School and was a curriculum coach at the district level for one year. I am very excited and proud to be working at Highland!!

This year I will be teaching 11 IB History of the Americas (HOTA) and 12 IB 20th Century Topics. I am also the co-advisor for Student Council as well as the National Honor Society. When I am not grading essays, I really love to travel. I also enjoy going to plays, hiking, eating at fun restaurants and spending as much time as possible reading and hanging out with my family. If you ever have questions about classes I teach, assignments or any extra curricular activities I am involved with, please contact me at or 651.744.3889.  Assignments and materials will be posted on individual class Schoology pages.


12th Grade 20th Century Topics:

 Please read The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman

 -Read through Chapter 5 (The Russian Steam Roller) and stop at the Outbreak section.

Write a 1½ page summary and a 1½ page reaction to the reading so far.  Typed is preferred, but hand-written will be accepted as well. (12 point font/double spaced)

 -The summary/reaction will be due on Thursday, Sept. 5th, 2019

-The first class discussion of the book will also take place on 9/5 be sure to hang on to your copy of the book for discussions during the month of September as you will be reading the entire book!

*Contact me at any point via e-mail ( if you have any questions!


 11 IB History of the Americas 2019 Summer Assignment

*Please read Ch. 12 and 13 of History of Latin America, Collision of Cultures by Marshall C. Eakin

Your assignment is to take detailed notes on each of the chapters, which you may then use to write an in-class essay on Friday 9/6. The notes taken from each chapter should be at least 1 ½ -2 pages and can be typed or hand-written. If typed, please use 12-point font.

**Please use the pdf’s of the chapters below, you are NOT expected to buy the entire book!!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail either HOTA teacher: Ms. Rohweller-Kocur: OR Mr. Jensen:

-The notes will officially be due on Thursday, Sept. 5th, 2019 -The class discussion of the chapters will also take place on 9/5, be sure to hang on to your copy of the chapters and notes!

Summer Reading 1

Summer Reading 2

Summer Reading 3