• Ms. Rogers

    My name is Ms. Rogers. I graduated from Augsburg College with a BA in Elementary Education.  I have been a teacher for 14 years.  My graduate work focused on life science, ecology, and geology.  I enjoy using my science knowledge at Hazel Park as part of the International Baccalaureate Program.  The best part about teaching is seeing the excitement in children as they learn something new. I am happy to have this opportunity to work with you and your student.

    The first graders in Ms. Rogers' room enjoyed the unit, Where We Are in Place and Time.  They studied various indigenous groups such as the Inuit people of Canada and Alaska, Aborigines of Australia, and various Native American Tribes.The student constructed dioramas of different tribes featuring their homes, plant life, and animals in specific regions of North America.  They learned about humankind’s migration across the planet.

    In How We Express Ourselves, our central idea was people express themselves through visual art.  The first grade students created clay animals and had an art show.   They wrote about their clay animals and presented an animal song for the parents.  The student made snowmen mosaics and combined it with a writing piece, which they displayed for others to see.  They also made self-portraits showing themselves as older adults.