Why Choose Jie Ming?

Jie Ming
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    Student Enrollment - 430
    Currently Serving - Grades K-5

    Jie Ming is the only Mandarin Immersion in Saint Paul Public Schools and is located at 1845 Sheridan Ave. West, St. Paul. We attract students from across the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

    We have a rigorous curriculum implemented by an excellent staff that fosters a collaborative learning environment with our diverse student population.   

    The Mandarin Immersion program seeks to enroll students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. All students are eligible to apply. Transportation will be provided for students living within Saint Paul Public Schools boundaries.  Come and visit us!

    Teachers in the Mandarin Immersion program are native speakers of Mandarin and fluent in both Mandarin and English who have passion for teaching and have high expectation for all students' success. 

    The majority of the curricula are taught in Mandarin in all grades. A daily period of Reading and English language arts will start in 3rd grade.

    The program offers a rich and culturally-diverse adventure for students and parents. Parents are encouraged to support the learning of their students by giving them every opportunity to hear and practice Mandarin, and to participate in Chinese culture outside of the school day. All possible assistance will be given to parents to enable them to help and support their students.

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Why Learn Mandarin?

  • Students gain a deeper understanding of the rich culture and history of Chinese society.

    Students gain competence in Mandarin language and Chinese culture to prepare for engagement in a political and economic future with China.

    Students gain valuable communication skills that will be an asset to the social, academic and professional world in the United States and abroad.

What Our Parents Say

  • "We appreciate that the Mandarin Immersion program isn't just a class, but it's a community."

    "The school is "a community of supportive families, educators and administrators, all with the common goal of ensuring our children's success in and beyond the classroom."

    "Our child loves going to school and delights in teaching the rest of our family the Mandarin songs, rhymes, and words she learns in class." 

    "The staff are clearly dedicated to our child's success, as well as the sucess of the program. Our expectations have been exceeded, and we're so happy she has a place here."