Extended Day For Learning - EDL

  • The Extended Day for Learning Program (EDL) features both math and reading instruction and enrichment opportunities for K-5 students. Maxfield offers two options for extended day programs.  EDL programs feature fun and engaging activities to help students improve thier academic skills as well as opportunities for them to take enrichment classes where they can explore new abilities and interests.  Participation is voluntary and is provided free of charge. 

    Students in grades 4 and 5 may choose to learn to play a musical instrument, which is taught in small and large group ensembles by a certified music teacher.

    The YMCA School Success Program includes transportation,  Transportation is provided for:

    • Students living more than 1/2 mile from school.
    • Students living less than 1/2 mile from school will participate in a supervised walking line.

    YMCA School Success Program

    The YMCA School Success Program is a 4-day per week program that runs Monday through Thursday.  The hours for the program are 2:00 PM to 3:45 PM.   The dates for the program follow the Saint Paul Public Schools Extended Day program calendar.

    The program is a collaboration between the YMCA ,Maxfield Elementary and Saint Paul Public Schools.  Transportation home is provided by Saint Paul Public Schools and follows the district's transportation guidelines, rules, and procedures.

    Pedro Bustamante is the Program Director for the YMCA School Success Program at Maxfield.  He can be reached by email at pedro.bustamante@ymcanorth.org