Welcome to Third Grade

Third Grade Team
  • Third Grade Teachers: Dr. Jan Mitchell, Dawn Pashke, Ann Rasmussen, Kay Vichaiyarath

    In Core Knowledge, we will be studying about the Romans, St. Paul history and some Hmong games.  We are learning about poetry and good reading and writing skills.  In math, we are studying fractions, division, measurement, probability and story problems.

    Classroom Supplies

    All Third Grade Classrooms

    • 12 Pencils (not mechanical pencils)
    • 1 Scissor
    • 3 Glue sticks
    • 12 Plastic folders with prongs
    • 2 Boxes of Kleenex
    • 24 Box Crayons
    • 1 box color pencils
    • 1 box Markers
    • 1 box quart size ziplocs
    • 1 pencil eraser (not pencil top ones)

    Please label all school supplies with your child’s name.

    Additional items may be requested throughout the year by the classroom teacher.

    Ms. Vichaiyarath, Ms. Paschke and Dual Class Only:

    • 5 notebooks
    • 7 plastic folders with prongs
    • 2 packages wide-lined loose leaf paper

    Ms. Rasmussen’s Class Only:

    (no notebooks or folders)

    • 1 3” inch binder
    • 3 packages loose leaf wide lined paper
    • 1 package of 8 plastic dividers

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