• Our specialists work with students in a variety of areas.  

    Prep specialists see students on a rotating schedule.  We offer the following for our prep time special classes: 

    • Physical Education
      • Physical education teaches students about movement, team work, health and wellness.
    • General Music
      • Students will begin to learn about rhythm, instruments, reading music, types of music.  Instruments specific to grade levels include violin, keyboarding, drums and guitar.  
    • Band and String Instrumental Music
      • Students have the opportunity in the upper grades to pick the instrument that they want to learn and play.  These students perform throughout the year. 
    • Choir
      • Students have the opportunity in the upper grade to participate in choir. These students perfrom throughout the year.
    • Science
      • Students will explore and learn about the world around them using hands on instruction in Science.
    • Social Studies
      • Twice a week students will meet to learn about geography, social skills, history, government and other topics. 


    Other special programs include:

    School Counselors

    Social Workers

    Academic Support Teachers

    WINN Teachers