Degrees and Certifications:

  • Welcome To Mrs. Johnston's Class


    Mrs. Johnston

       Kindergarten Families,


             Welcome to my class! My name is      Mrs. Johnston and I look forward to          working with you and your child this          school year. I have been a licensed          kindergarten teacher at Phalen Lake for    twenty four years. I hold a Bachelor’s        Degree with Distinction from the                University of Minnesota and a Master’s      Degree in Curriculum and Instruction        from St. Cloud State. My husband’s          name is Glenn and we have been              married since 1995. We are the proud      parents of 11½ year old twin boys,            named Brett and Matthew. My hobbies      include reading, walking, collecting            bookmarks, eating chocolate, and              playing with my two boys.

             Kindergarten is an exciting and important first year of school. It is essential that we work together as a team to help your child learn best. Let them know that every minute at school is important by getting them here on time and attending for the full school day. Ask them about their day, support them when they work on homework, attend school conferences, help them get enough sleep each night, and make sure they eat breakfast every morning. If you have any questions at any point during the year, feel free to write me a note or leave a voicemail message on the school voicemail. Please do not ask to speak directly to me during the school day, since I will be very busy working with your child. Again, I look forward to an exciting year of learning.


                                                                                     Mrs. Johnston

  • Our Daily Schedule

    8:10 – 8:45       Breakfast / Beginning Work Time (sign in, indep. Reading)

    8:45 – 8:55       Opening/Morning Meeting

    8:55 – 9:10       Reader’s Mini Lesson

    9:10 – 9:20       Task Board (Literacy)

    9:20 – 9:45       Literacy Work Time

    9:45 – 10:00     Writer’s Mini Lesson

    10:00 – 10:25   Independent Writing

    10:25 – 10:35    Bathrooms

    10:35 – 10:50    Recess

    10:55 – 11:25    Lunch

    11:25 – 11:40    Phonics

    11:40 – 11:55    Oral Language / Read Aloud

    11:55 – 12:20    Core Knowledge (bathrooms)

    12:25 – 1:15      Prep - Enrichment

    1:20 – 1:35       Math Review and Mental Math

    1:35 – 1:50       Math Mini Lesson

    1:50 – 2:00       Flex Group/Task Board (Math)

    2:00 – 2:35       Math Work Time

    2:35 – 2:50       Share / Closure / Prepare for home