Inquiry Zone

inquiry zone
  • Welcome to the Inquiry Zone. The Inquiry Zone is a nationally unique learning space. We are one of a few schools in the country with a learning space like this located at the center of the school. It is specially designed to arouse curiosity, stimulate creativity, and promote inquiry from the beginning of question formation to the design of investigations, and finally the presentation of their findings.  Staffing for the Inquiry Zone is made possible by a partnership with Spark-Y Youth Action Labs, Hamline University. Ms. Jess is our current I-Zone Specilaist from our Spark-Y partenership.

    In 2015, the Inquiry Zone received a generous grant from Verizon to referbish and update the stations, space and materials. The I-Zone's exterior walls have been converted to be more interactive. Magnetic white boards were added for students to collect data on and make notes as they work, use magnetic manipualives with such as Tangrams and Pattern Blocks. A LEGO wall was also added for students to design and create on.

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