• All Science students experience the unique learning space in the Inquiry Zone THE INQUIRY ZONE
    Located at the center of the school, the Inquiry Zone is an interactive learning space designed to engage students with materials rich in interest, aesthetic qualities, and manipulative possibilities. Through interaction with these materials, students have the opportunity to engage in scientific thought at their own pace and interest. Working cooperatively with classroom teachers, the Inquiry Zone Coordinator helps expand students' educational experiences by opening doors to a new way of thinking.



    SCIENTIFIC LITERACY means a person can ask, find, or determine answers to questions, derived from curiosity about everyday experiences. INQUIRY is the process of exploring the natural or material world in a way that leads to asking questions, making discoveries, and rigorously testing those discoveries in the search for new understanding.

    National Science Foundation

    GIFTED AND TALENTED SERVICES provides the vision and blueprint for Crossroads to elevate the gifts and talents of all our students. Identified students have access to enrichment opportunities, resources, and services designed to develop and accelerate students' individual strengths and talents. 

    All teachers DIFFERENTIATE THEIR CURRICULUM to best accommodate the abilities, interests, and learning styles of each of their students. Instructional resource support is provided by our team of specialists, including:GIFTED & TALENTED SPECIALIST, Title I READING RESOURCE, ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER (ELL), SPEECH, and SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS.

    Crossroads follows the practice of LOOPING, in which students and teachers stay together for a two year period. Students loop in grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. At the core of looping is the relationship established between teacher, student, and parent. The depth of this relationship allows the opportunity to better understand all factors making for success for each student. Research has consistently shown looping to have a positive effect on student attitudes and performance.

    "The Science Program at Crossroads Elementary focuses the natural curiosity of children into powerful learning experiences. Students are fortunate to be an active part of an inquiry-based educational environment that fosters, values, and uses student questions in guiding the curriculum."

    Lee Schmitt, Hamline University