Year Round Education

  • A study of corn involved the counting of corn, reading about corn, interviewing a farmer, and baking corn bread.YEAR ROUND EDUCATION is a hallmark of the educational programming offered at Crossroads. Crossroads is one of only two Saint Paul schools providing the year round calendar option. Research has shown year-round education to be effective at increasing student achievement through extended access to a rich learning environment. This is particularly true for students in economically disadvantaged and second language settings. Open to all Crossroads students, Intersession offers additional learning opportunities for students in need of extra learning time to catch up to grade level as well as those students possessing a strong desire to advance their learning.




    Students conference about their interdisciplinary research investigation. CORE PROGRAM
    At its core, the Intersession program is charged with providing a strong academic program to assure all students reach grade level - with a particular emphasis on reading, writing and math. Since Intersession serves all levels of learners with diverse needs from remedial to enriched, class assignments based on academic needs allow teachers to target instruction toward individual learner needs. The target Intersession class size of 18 students allows for the individual attention necessary to provide this academic boost.


    Students become archaeologists as they unearth artifacts in a model archaeological dig. EXPLORATORY STUDIES
    An afternoon time block is set aside for our Exploratory Studies program. Drawing from gifted and talented research, Exploratory Studies provides the opportunity for students to engage in high-end learning around a topic of their interest. Students select from a menu of high-interest Exploratory classes. These courses are designed to incorporate academic work within the chosen topic. Additional guest teachers and experts-in-the-field bring the class size down even lower and allow for deep and rich exploration of a topic in their fields. 



    "My favorite part of my exploratory class is learning different and wild things in a fun and exciting way."
    5th grade student