April, 2007 Visit

  • Students in Ms. Haines, Ms. Roper, and Ms. Stack/DeMarais classes spentthree days at the Audubon Center of the NorthWoods on April 2-4.Expecting spring, we faced a major winter blizzard (12 inches). Despitethe weather, students traversed the high ropes, studied macro-invertebrates in the pond, and conducted bird studies.

    Below is a collection of writings from Ms. Haines' fourth graders:

    On April 2nd, my class and I went to the Audubon Center. The Audubon Center is in Sandstone, MN. There were different activities throughout the day. My favorite one was the aquatics. On Tuesday, we did high ropes... On Wednesday, we had to leave. I had a great time...

    On the first night at the Audubon Center, you will want to get your camera out with you. By the time, you are at the dining house, you hear noises. Boy you're lucky... Here comes two falcons and Woody the eagle. He has never flied before because he fell off his nest and broke a wing. Grab a piece of paper that says "Adopt a raptor!" Woody is on adoption. He needs your help.

    The high ropes is a course that you need to get across all the rope courses. You have to have safety harness. It is the only thing holding you up. It looks very easy, but its harder than it looks.

    High ropes at the Audubon was the ultimate challenge for me. When you climbed that pole and looked down it was so scary... At the end, I thought it was worth it, because when I went down the Zip Line, it was wonderful.

    I was at the high ropes with my gear on. I was going first, but when Iwas unclipping the hook, my hands were so cold, I couldn't even unclipit, so I didn't go.

    When I was on the high ropes, I was nervous and excited. It was fun to see all the people at the bottom cheering you on.