Como First Grade

Working hard in First Grade!
  • Our Teachers:


    Ms. Carson

    Ms. Thomas

    Ms. Vue

    First grade students at Como Elementary have the benefit of small group instruction at their reading level. Each student gets 50 minutes of this small group instruction daily. Students also learn comprehension strategies during this time, diving deeper into literature using reading response logs and higher level discussions.

    We employ a balanced literacy approach, using the Mondo Curriculum that includes listening to stories read, sharing reading as a class, learning to read in small groups, and reading independently. In addition, we use the Writer's Workshop format with a writing support teacher in the room to teach writing concepts such as the basic concepts involved in writing, the formal writing process, and how to write a narrative.

    Our math curriculum, Everyday Math, is a spirialing curriculum. This means that students are introduced to many basic math concepts throughout the year and continue to return to them throughout the year and in subsequent years to build upon their knowledge. The advantage to this is that if students do not understand a math concept when it is first taught, there will be other opportunities for exposure and practice throughout the curriculum. During the math block of the day, there is a support person in the room assisting students who need it and extending the curriculum for those who are ready.

    First graders attend science plus, social studies, science, and physical education on a rotating basis throughout the year.

    Many of the Como students are English Language Learners (ELL). Our ELL certified teacher is Pheng Yang.  Mr. Yang works with language learners to promote learning English while teaching reading, phonics and math.

    Throughout the day we employ a "Responsive Classroom"  approach to building community and dealing with behavior issues in the classroom. Students are encouraged to discuss and resolve issues while considering the classroom community. It is anticipated that young children will make mistakes and the Restitution approach allows them the opportunity to fix mistakes instead of focusing on discipline and punishments. We also follow SOAR behavior.  Students will learn that this means being Safe, On task, having a postive Attitude and being Respectful and Responsible. 

    Como School is home to the district's Planetarium. Every spring, the first graders visit it and learn about many aspects of the sky.

    Throughout the year we take various field trips. Each year we go to the Children's Museum to explore and learn about ants and insects. We also take a trip to the farm to learn about the animals that live there.

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