• Did you know you can shop on line at the Box Tops Marketplace? You will find many merchants and specialty areas such as: Weight Watchers, Sears, Road Runner Sports, Spa Finder, REI, etc. When you make a purchase from the Box Tops Marketplace a box tops donation goes to your school – Como Park Elementary. You can also get a Box Tops Visa credit card which, when used gives your designated school bonus box tops.  Also keep an eye out for the Growing Local Learning coupons with bonus boxtops.  It is simple to go on line and register the codes or just send them to school and we will do it here.  Check the dates on the box tops and bonus coupons.  Don't let them expire before turning them in.  This fundraiser is easy and free so let's make the most of it.

    Our contest to see who can collect the most boxtops has been exciting this year.  The Mrs. Jennrich's/Mrs. Halvorson class teams have collected the most for the year and will receive their second popcorn party.  We have raised over $1500 this year.

    You are doing a great job saving Box Tops. Keep spreading the word. Tell everyone you know to save Box Tops for Education and help support students at Como Park Elementary.  Don’t forget to enjoy the great foods and products on-line today. Thank you.

    Box Tops for Education web site:


    We are exited to say the Boxtops for Education program money will not only support the Como Elementary Physical Education program, but also Science and Social Studies as well as the Developmental Adapted Physical Education program!  None of these speciaties get any operating budget so we really need all the help we can get.  Please drop off your Boxtops for Education to any of the Specialists (Social Studies, Science, or Physical Education).  Thank you very much!