Special Learner Support

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  • Welcome to Special Education at Como Park Elementary!


    Special Education services are provided to students who meet eligibility criteria for Developemental Delay (DD), Speech and Language Disorder (SL), Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Emotional Behavioral Disrders (EBD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Developemental Cognitive Disability (DCD), Other Health Disability (OHD), Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH), Vision Impaired (VI), and Physically Impaired (PI).  Level of services are based on individual needs in these areas.  The following are the teachers and related service personnel who provide support to our students who receive special education services at Como Park Elementary. 

    Special Education Coach:

    Ms. Kristi Ebert, Special Education Coach

    Special Education Staff

    Ms. Lori Seath, Specific Learning Disabilities

    Ms. Carol Fish, Emotional Behavioral Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities

    Ms. Carla Cox, Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Ms. Cheryl Overvig, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities

    Mr. Michael Shepperd, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities

    Ms. Natalie Strohmeier, Early Childhood Special Education

    Ms. Regina Brown, Speech Language Pathologist

    Ms. Emily Mentz, Speech Language Pathologist

    Ms. Laurie Durkin, Speech Language Pathologist

    Ms. Jade Fischer, Music Therapist

    Ms. Pat Merchant, School Social Worker

    Mr. Lor Vang, School Social Worker

    Mr. Dana Nelson, Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

    Ms. Tara Heck, Early Childhood Special Education

    Ms. Kelley Paulson, Physical Therapist

    Ms. Susan Hartshorn, Occupational Therapist